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Visio Divina is often described as an ancient form of Christian prayer in which we allow our hearts and imaginations to enter into a sacred image, in silence, to see what God might have to say to us.


"I always find myself at a stage in the creative process where I cannot see the resolution. In this moment, the work is lifted up in relinquishment for God’s glory and I’m eventually given eyes to see how the painting is to manifest. Each piece is a gift. Therefore, I sign my works with my initials only; giving credit where credit belongs. “HS” stands for the Holy Spirit."

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Twenty Marian paintings by Holly Schapker show Mary in diverse times and settings. They are accompanied by personal reflections from the artist and art historian Cecelia Dorger with questions to help readers delve into their own experiences and reactions to the art and the theme of each painting.

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Holly and Ceil met over ten years ago and hit it off immediately over their love for two subjects: Mary and Marian Art. They quickly began working together with Ceil presenting talks for the openings of Holly's painting exhibits. The two collaborators have also conducted a women's weekend art retreat centered on the Virgin Mary and consecrated themselves to Jesus through Mary using the "33 Days to Morning Glory" program. 

Universal Mother

“On this Way of Beauty, you will experience surprise and novelty, but also great familiarity with things that come from the heart and speak to the heart.”

Fr. Johann Roten, S.M.

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