Mary and Jesus

there's something about mary

Mary is not just the most popular name for a female baby everywhere in the world, it is the hope and aspiration of tens of millions of parents, perhaps more, that the little angel born into their life will have the character, the honesty, the wisdom, and charity of the Blessed Mother. Regardless of a name, there is something of Mary in all of humanity - God’s gift to women in particular. These are images of the women I have observed or known or admired, in whom I see Mary personified, images co-created with God. Please take time to try to see Mary in each of them as you view the work.

My research for this painting exhibition included an extensive study of the Renaissance painters in Italy with art historian, Suzanne Chouteau.  I have looked for inspiration through the guidance of St. Louis de Montfort, St. Maximillian Kolbe, Blessed Mother Teresa, Blessed John Paul II, Caryll Houselander, Fr. Michael Gaitley, and Judith Dupre. The work is the product of prayer, research, and  countless hours of meditation.

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After the Darkest Hour

After the Darkest Hour (Study from Michaelangelo's Pieta): 20x24


Annunciation (Study of Fra Fillipo Lippi): 11x14

Cause of Our Joy

Cause of Our Joy: 15x21

Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns: 28x28

De Christiana Amore

De Christiana Amore: 40x40

Gate of Heaven

Gate of Heaven: 24x36


Innocence: 14x18

Mary's Cross

Mary's Cross: 5x5 each


Maryiam: 11x14

Mother and Child

Mother and Child (Homage to Abraham Brueghel): 22x28

Mother Most Pure

Mother Most Pure: 24x36

Mother Most Pure

Mother Most Pure (Study of Pietro Perugino): 20x24

Mother of Eternal Glory

Mother of Eternal Glory (Study based on Pompeo Isatoni): 20x20

Mother of Golden Light

Mother of Golden Light: 18x24

Our Blessed Bridge

Our Blessed Bridge: 36x48

Our Lady of the Way

Our Lady of the Way: 66x68 oil on canvas

Our New Adam & Eve

Our New Adam & Eve: 24x30

Spiritual Journey Board

Spiritual Journey Board: 16x16

Spiritual Journey Board

Spiritual Journey Board (Study based on Raphael): 16x16

Weary Travelers

Weary Travelers:16x20

Witness, Queen of Peace

Witness, Queen of Peace: 16x24