Provence Countryside

french landscapes

While in France, I was captivated by the sparkling French Riviera and the charm of Paris, Provence, Monaco, and St. Tropez.  Their extensive history of rich art and creative minds inspired me to take a more impressionistic approach to many paintings. 


The Prices for these original pieces range from $1600 for an 11"x14" to ~ $8400 for a 36" x 48" according to size and detail within the composition. Prices per piece are available upon email request.

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Monaco 20" x20" SOLD

Arc de Triumph

Arc de Triumph 22"x30"

Nice at Sunset

Nice at Sunset 36" x48"


St.Tropez 18"x24"

French Riviera

French Riviera 20" x 32"

Paris on a Rainy Day

Paris on a Rainy Day 16" x20"

Nice Reflections

Nice Reflections 8" x10"

Provence Countryside

Provence Countryside 16" x20"

Basilica de Notre Dame Lyon

Basilica de Notre Dame Lyon 12" x18"